Engaging employees in your company’s environmental CSR strategy has never been easier.

Let your employees take action:

Unite and engage employees
all over the world
around a meaningful activity.

Track & measure your reduced environmental impact:

Measure the impact of company initiatives
and track progress towards
global standards such as the UN’s SDGs.

CSR Communication and Social Cohesion made simple:

Shareable reports
to transparently communicate
your impact to stakeholders.


Unite and engage employees around the globe.

Create added value for everyone:

EveryAct invites all employees to become eco friendly in their day-to-day life. Be it while commuting, at work, during lunch break or while working remotely.

Social Cohesion, create a future culture everyone wants to participate in:

Wherever they may be, bring teams together around a meaningful common goal.

Raise awareness and share knowledge:

Resources to become a better citizen in your everyday life. The first step to taking action is being aware and informed.

Create enthusiasm by taking action:

Foster interaction and positivity in your organisation, boost teams by encouraging them to confidently take action thanks to a fun experience and social features (likes, comments).

Track and measure your company’s impact in a uniquely simple way.

Track your company’s daily impact:

From estimating the programme’s impact to tracking participation rate, top eco-challenges, positive impact on the environment and much more.

Give your employees a sense of accomplishment:

Through individual and collective actions, visualise the amount of CO2 and waste avoided and water savings.

Empower decision-making through knowledge:

Understand your carbon, waste and water savings. With full awareness comes the ability to make better choices every day.


Track the impact of your company’s actions according to global standards such as the United Nations’ SDGs.

Shareable reports to easily involve stakeholders:

We provide support to help you share your programme’s success:

An instant report automatically generated to help you transparently communicate your impact with internal and external stakeholders.

An easy-to-use format and customisable document on demand.