CSR and Remote Work: the Eco-Friendly Use of Digital Tools

We are progressively coming to realise that digital technology is not deprived of environmental impact. Be it with the huge servers managing our data, or the evermore increasing manufacturing of computers and smartphones requiring to extract environmentally and socially harmful resources. In a context of widespread remote work, CSR policies must promote energy-friendly behaviours.

Through simple daily actions, each and every one of us can improve our energy efficiency in our private and professional lives. Sharing the tips down below with your workforce can be a CSR policy tool.

To start off, here is a seemingly insignificant habit that can make a difference when applied on a large scale: bookmark your most frequently visited websites. Although many might not be aware, an online query has an environmental impact which can be twice as less when the website is reached directly through bookmarks or the search history. Considering employees often have several key websites for their daily tasks, this eco-friendly tip will include them in your CSR measures.

Similarly, we tend to get overwhelmed by idle pages we forget to close as we go. Here too, there is an impact. The ensuing need to refresh several pages after some time leads to a waste in energy.

A wide array of effortless habits make it possible to act for the planet, but many people are still unaware of them:

– Sending out an email with a full signature (image + logo) is often done without second thought, even for internal emails, although it makes it bigger in size ;

– Attached files can be stocked onto hosting services rather than sent out to a dozen recipients ;

– A secure instant messaging platform can be used within the company for simple internal conversations, rather than an abundance of emails ;

– Inboxes are quick to get overloaded with spams and outdated emails. They must be regularly maintained as storage is an energy hog. Rather than deleting pointless newsletters left unread every day/week, it might be just as good to unsubscribe. It’s a win-win for everyone ;

– When appropriate, audio meetings can be preferred to video conferences.

All these simple and easily applicable techniques can be the subject of a general staff communication within the framework of a CSR policy. The mainstreaming of remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is a good opportunity to promote an eco-friendly use of digital tools.

February 25, 2021 – 3 min read